in a world of pure imagination

A creation a day keeps the doctor away.

My goal is to make one creative thing,
each and every day,
until the end of the year;
June 1st to December 31st.

My mother's 'creation a day' blog. Which this blog is a companion to. :)

Day One-Ninety-Five

For tonight’s post, have a little fun with people watching.  Last Sunday, while mom and I had a few quiet minutes on the curb by the Santa Monica beachfront, I took advantage of a good…well, vantage point, and took some pictures. :)  This includes cyclists,walkers, and some skateboarders that were shooting a video of some sort, which was very fun to watch.

I don’t take long shots much when it comes to photography, since my zoom isn’t great on my camera and so I usually can’t get the look I want.  But I like the way these came out!  It was a fun change of pace from my usual close-up photography.

Hope you enjoy, everyone.  We had a very good day today, and, while you didn’t hear it from me, we might have found a place to live. Knock on wood.  ;)  See you then, everyone.  Sleep tight.

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